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What are the materials of the shower?

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What are the materials of the shower?

1, plastic shower
Plastic showers, the current engineering plastics have good performance, and the strength and heat resistance are also good. Plastic materials are still very affordable in price, and the disadvantage is that they are easily deformed by heat.

2, stainless steel shower
Stainless steel shower head, it has the advantages of wear resistance, no rust, and affordable price. The disadvantage is that the shower style made of stainless steel is relatively simple.

3, aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy material shower
Aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy shower, its advantages are not afraid of wear, light and durable. The downside is that it may take a long time.

4, copper plating material shower
Copper plated material shower, its advantages are more styles and moderate price. The shortcoming is that it is afraid of wear and tear. The better electroplating will fall off in the humid environment all the year round. The plating layer is thin, and it will take a long time for the electroplating to fall off and be easily deformed.

How to choose a shower

There are many brands of showers on the market, and the various materials and types are dazzling. How can we choose durable and beautiful showers in the mixed market? Let’s take a look!

1, look at the appearance
The shape of the shower seems to be similar. The spray effect must be seen when selecting. The good shower can ensure that every small spray hole is evenly balanced, and the shower effect is smooth and dripping. When picking, remember to try to spray the water evenly.

2, look at the material
In general, the material of the shower faucet is generally made of copper, and the whole copper is the best, because copper is less prone to rust than metals such as steel. The outer surface of the shower head is preferably plated 5 times. This kind of shower faucet is durable. Because the bathroom is very humid, the bathroom hardware is made of copper or aluminum. Aluminum is the so-called space aluminum.

3, see the spool
The spool affects the feel and service life of the shower. The good shower uses a ceramic spool that is smooth and frictionless. The hand can be twisted when selected, and the hand feels comfortable and smooth to ensure smooth and reliable performance when the product is in use.

4, see accessories
Shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of their use, but also pay special attention. For example, the water pipe and the lifting rod are not flexible enough, and the shower hose and the steel wire have the ability to resist bending. Whether the anti-twisting ball bearing is provided at the shower connection, whether the rotating controller is installed on the lifting rod or the like.

Shower stalls

Misunderstanding 1, the more shower function, the better
Showers are divided into functions, which can be divided into shower bars, showers and shower panels. The shower column has only a hand shower and a shower faucet, while the shower head has one more spray than the shower column. The function is up to the number of shower panels, massage heads and Bluetooth music functions, of course, the price is not cheap.

Weapons: The appearance of the shower panel is high-end atmosphere, and the waist massage nozzle is provided to wash the body in all directions, but the high price is destined to be unsuitable for the general public (except for the local tyrant). The biggest difference between a shower column and a shower is whether there is a top spray. In fact, the top spray usage rate is not high, so if the home water pressure is small or want to lower the budget, the shower column is very suitable for you; and the feeling of like to pour it from the head, without regard to water pressure and water fee, the shower can be very Goodly meet your needs. Regardless of the type of shower, you should choose the shower faucet with the water outlet, which is much more convenient for daily use.

Misunderstanding 2: The higher the price, the better the quality.

Many consumers think that the more expensive the product, the better, as the average consumer does not have to pursue too high-end products. Some consumers believe that water conservation is a high-tech, water-saving performance shower, it must be high prices. In fact, some products are likely to be expensive, consumers can not blindly seek for expensive, think that imported things are high-end, specifically picking expensive goods.

Weapons: It is not only expensive or imported showers that are of good quality and water-saving. Some domestic brands also have a lot of low-cost water-saving showers. These showers are equipped with special water-saving devices at the tail thread joints, which are 20%-50% less than ordinary showers.

Misunderstanding 3, the entire shower is made of metal
Showers can be divided into copper and stainless steel according to different materials. Most of the showers on the market are made of brass, and stainless steel is less (stainless steel is lead-free and expensive). No matter which material is used, it is only applied to the main body of the shower faucet and the whole 7-shaped tube. Others such as switch handles and hand showers and top sprays are alloy or ABS engineering plastics.

Weapons: No matter whether it is copper or stainless steel shower, it is only applied to the main body of the shower faucet and the whole 7-shaped tube. Therefore, the product promotion will say that the main body of the shower is made of brass, and the handle of the shower faucet is generally made of alloy. The shower and top spray are ABS engineering plastics. Although stainless steel showerheads are more beneficial to human health, brass showers are washed with lead before processing, so that the lead content is reduced to the national standard, so you don’t have to think of brass flowers. Sprinkling must be harmful to the human body.

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