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About the environmental protection of stainless steel faucets

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It is very important to choose a good kitchen faucet. First of all, it is the source of kitchen water. The quality of the water is related to the health and quality of life of the human body. Secondly, the kitchen environment is relatively greasy and moist, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. A good faucet must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., not afraid of oil smoke erosion, making the life of the faucet longer; and a beautiful and faucet style should also match the kitchen decoration style, making the overall space more beautiful and harmonious.

With the continuous evolution of the faucet production process, the stainless steel faucet is greatly resistant to corrosion, oxidation, easy cleaning, antibacterial, and secondary pollution caused by heavy water, both in the professional field and in the general consumer. welcome. In foreign countries, stainless steel faucets are widely used in high-end star hotels, public places, homes and many other occasions. It can last forever in the harsh kitchen environment, bringing more health protection to the kitchen:

1. Healthy, environmentally friendly, lead free
Stainless steel is an internationally recognized safety material that can be implanted into the human body. It is lead-free, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and does not release harmful substances. It will not pollute your water source and ensure human health. The manufacturing process of stainless steel faucets is very Environmental protection does not cause serious pollution to the environment due to copper smelting and electroplating in the manufacture of copper faucets.

2. Beautiful and durable, never rust
The surface of the stainless steel faucet is treated by physical treatment. It only needs to be polished and polished. The natural color appears, the silver luster is never fading, never rust, elegant and durable, and it is still a hundred years old. The chrome plating layer on the surface of the copper faucet is a chemical adhesion layer, which will oxidize and fall off depending on the quality and thickness of the plating. In the fast half year, the slower gradually loses the surface gloss and pitting in 3-6 years. Finally, the plating layer peels off and exposes the copper rust, which affects the appearance.

3. Higher price
Stainless steel has a melting point of about 1600 degrees and copper has a melting point of about 1000 degrees. Stainless steel is finished by precision casting. Copper must be finished by die casting. The hardness and toughness of stainless steel are more than three times that of copper. The machining tool loss rate is more than one hundred times that of copper. The loss rate of stainless steel polishing materials is more than ten times that of copper; the total processing cost of stainless steel is also more than ten times that of copper. Therefore, the market price of stainless steel faucets is also slightly more expensive than ordinary copper faucets.

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