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To choose a faucet according to the bathroom

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Common faucet surfaces are titanium-plated, chrome-plated, lacquered, porcelain, etc. Stainless steel chrome is the most common. Color faucets have also been loved by people. The colors are red, yellow, black, blue, etc. They can be color-matched with other utensils in the bathroom and kitchen.

When purchasing a faucet, consider the problem of matching it with sanitary ware.

1, model with

The most important thing is that the model should be matched, otherwise it will bring trouble to the installation. Even if it is barely loaded, it will inevitably lead to dripping;

2, style and color to match

Secondly, the style and color should be matched. If your bathroom is mainly cold, you can choose the silver faucet. If it is warm color, it should be gold. If the style of the whole bathroom is more complicated, you can use milky white. .

3, the faucet design should be matched

In fact, with the development of technology, the style of the faucet has changed. It also has a matching rule: the good partner of the glass above counter basin is the straight faucet, the kitchen sink is equipped with a curved faucet, and the under counter basin is equipped with ordinary Short handle faucet, ceramic countertop with long handle curved faucet with two handles. The straight shank of the glass basin is beautiful, but it is not very practical, because its water outlet is not in the center of the basin. People wash the towel under the water and touch the edge of the basin, but with a double handle curved faucet It doesn’t look good either, because the handle will touch the glass, it seems unsafe, so if you are not very fashionable, or use the ceramic basin, it will be easier to find the matching faucet.

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